by Keyes

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released June 17, 2014

Mixed and Mastered by Casey Bates



all rights reserved


Keyes San Diego, California

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Track Name: Everything Will Better For You
She can make signs grow//
Show me the love I've never known//

So sun don't hide from me//
I just need your warming//
I'll never let you go//
I love you like the snow//

And I'll say it as I do every night//
I need you and I promise that//
I'll never leave you//
The ocean will lead you to me//

Everything will better over cigarettes and tea//
I know I say a lot things//
I'd never lie to you//
Cause words are forming triangles//
And hearts are forming wreathes//

You found love when she washed from the shore//
Now you're lying picture frames under floor boards//

She turns stop signs to plants//
She fucked god for better hands//
Gorgeous green she glows//
This winter I'll be coming home//
Track Name: Forrestal Sleep
i'm calm and you're still here waiting//

i''m tired and you're still here shaking//

i’ll be speaking slow//
lightning down my throat//
as your necklace falls against my clothes//
if your heart is like your crooked smile//
i can learn to love it//
i can learn to love you all//

take me to your home//

smother me in lipstick love//
sinking teeth into my pores//
i'll be sure to lock the door//

so fucking cover me//
unlike a human being//
somewhere we can go//
where we can be alone//
i’m thinking constantly of what we used to be//
doll your scent of happiness//
where everyone can see who you love//

my hearts enclosed in crystal homes//

I'm sorry i died in forrestal sleep//
to sink into the sea of trees//
my hearts alive in forrestal dreams//
I'll never sleep I’ll never sleep//

I'm sorry i died in forrestal sleep//
to sink into the sea of trees//
my hearts alive in forrestal dreams//
I'll never sleep I’ll never dream//
Track Name: Oak Tree
my mind says//
brain you’re great keep moving//
but it’s raining//
and i can’t see the street//

because i like when you call in the morning//

just to say i love your hair//

and if i weren’t so underwhelming//
oh i’ll say it twice//
i still think that you’d be here//

now you're gone for good//
Track Name: Sad News in a Quiet Room (feat. Vic Fuentes)
to be famous like the stars//
swallow blood and drink up alcohol//
your mind is wrapped on anything but her//

hold your stars//
i see them through the evergreen//

i’ve never seen a smile quite like yours//

but your heart//

is better off in hollywood//
and someday you’ll be mine//
if you swear with drunken eyes//
when everyone is bitter//
she won’t be coming back for more//
cause you’re mine//

so slow down//

stumble over solid ground//
tuck your belly to your feet//
or you will topple off the tree//
it’s moving so fast that i can’t even breathe//
when red water touches concrete//
i’m so sad//

when my eyes’ve grown tired//
cause no night can’t survive with just a flashlight of hope//
when all i said was bitter//

and words won’t bring her back for more//

all we do is touch//

i don’t think of you enough//
when you say that you’ll be gone//

i don’t want to be your love//

so i tell the thoughts to whisper//
if the words come leaking out//
oh my mind just seems to saunter//
at the thought of crashing clouds//

but i swear i found my home in the shadows and the blood//
just to break apart my body and be washed out by the sun//

and i don’t believe in sad news but you’re making me see it//
every bone my brain contracts in my body cant react to your love//

but your heart was better off in hollywood//
where you’ll nurse all the stars//

i’m sick of this place//
but i’m also scared for things to change//
where stars will fall off your walls//